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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 31, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i'm chris wallace. >> clinton hits the road on a bus tour of battleground states and then sits down with us for the first time in this campaign. you say you're the real change agent. you're offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift. americans know what they think of you. two-thirds of them don't trust you. and the e-mails. >> yes. >> it is a fox news sunday
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exclusive. >> with both conventions wrapped up the race to november is on. >> i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off, right? >> we are asking the panel where they stand right now on fox news sunday. hello again from fox news in washington. with the conventions over and just 99 days left the general election campaign is officially on. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are on a bus tour and we caught up with them yesterday in pennsylvania. amid reports and even a program. >> thank you so much, chris. it really is good to be here. >> do you believe russia is behind the hacking and release
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of the dnc e-mails and do you think putin wants to defeat you or see you defeated and donald trump president? >> here is what we know. we know russian intelligence services which is under the firm control of putin hacked into the dnc. we know that they arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released, and we know that donald trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up put put putin, to support putin, whether they wouldn't come to the help of our allies, because of russia's aggressiveness. his praise for putin, which i i think quite remarkable.
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>> are you suggesting putin would rather see him as president than you? >> i'm not going to jump to that conclusions but it raises issues about russian interfere rans in our democracy. we would not tolerate that from any other country particularly one which we have adversary y'all positions. for trump to praise putin for what appears to be an effort to try to effect the election i think raises national security issues. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> trump said he was just being sarcastic. >> i think if you take his encouragement that the russians
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hack -- a lot of foreign policy, his effort to try to distance himself from that backlash which came not just from backlash but national security and intelligence experts leads us once again to conclude he is not temp mentally fit to be commander in chief. >> you carved him up pretty good. >> donald trump says he wants to make america great again. he could start by actually making things in america again. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> here is a guy you say is unfit to be president. why is this election still so close? >> too many americans feel like
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they have been left out and left behind by our economy and our government. i understand that frustration and fear that some people feel that it's not working for them and they are looking for answers. i think the kind of inflammatory answers that trump has provided, blame somebody, blame immigrants, blame muslims. blame somebody. what i'm counting on, what i believe, he has offered nothing to help people. i believe we have put together an agenda to increase jobs, increase incomes, make our economy grow and be more fair which is going to appeal to a joer majority of americans. >> i want to talk about trump and tril indrill into some of t positions. at a fundraiser last year you
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said this, the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. in the 2008 case the court said that there is a constitutional individual right to bear arms. what's wrong with that? >> i think what the court said about there being an individual right is in line with constitutional thinking. i said in the convention. i'm looking for more support for the reasonable efforts that need to be undertaken. >> and the second amendment includes the an individual right to bear arms. >> okay. >> and that right, our first amendment rights, every right that we have, is open to and even subject to reasonable regulations. >> i just want to pursue this a little bit.
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ska lee scalia left the door open to regulation. you'll support the ninth supreme court justice. are you saying you do not want to see the individual right to bear arms overturned? >> no. i don't. here is what i do want. i want to be very clear about this. i want to congress to step up and do its job. i want to get out of the horrible cycle we are in where we go and mourn dozens, hundreds, thousands of people killed by gun violence. everybody says let's pray. let's send our hearts and feelings and nothing happens. we are getter than this. it intimidates elected officials. the vast majority support the kind of commence i'm proposing. >> you say you would go even
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further in the deportation and you say if congress doesn't act that you would support even tougher executive action. i want to ask you about separation of powers. the constitution is clear. all legislative powers reside in congress. it doesn't say if congress doesn't act the congress can do whatever he or she wants. >> let's sort that out. it's an important question. when it comes to immigration i believe strongly that comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship is not good for the people living under the shadow of deportation. i is good for the economy. i hope after this election the congress, which voted in a bipartisan way in 2010 and 2013 to actually take action will come back and say okay, let's do this together. >> but if they don't what gives you the right to do executive
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action? it is congress's decision. >> there is a lot of precedent, legal precedent about how presidents ebb force tnforce th. whoever is president gets to determine what the priorities are. my priorities are deport violent criminals as quickly as we can. deport anybody that has a possible link to terrorism but don't go rounding up hard-working mothers and fathers, taking them out of factories making them disappear and leave their children alone. it makes no sense to me. >> if you're talking about an action that will effect not a few people or a hundred people but that will effect millions of people, aren't you changing the law? aren't you writing the law? >> no. here is what i think. the supreme court has set back for trial the challenges to the
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president's authority to take categories of people and remove the threat of deportation. >> and as president you would be able to name the justice that could break the tie. >> let's go and have the trial, that i hope i will have that chance. it is that. it is citizens united. it is a lot of things i think the current court got wrong for our democracy. >> and you don't see all of those things change. >> whoever it is will get to support one or more supreme court justices. there are a lot of decisions i approve of that this court has made, first and foremost marriage equality. there are things when taken to the natural conclusion have hurt our democracy. >> what about precedent? it. >> is absolutely in line. i taught law. i'm a recovering lawyer. i know that precedent is something that you look to.
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i also know that courts can take a look at precedent and determine that maybe they weren't right the first time. >> you say you're the real change agent in this campaign. i think it's fair to say that you're building on the obama agenda. you're not rejecting it. 69% think we are on the wrong track. we found out that gdp growth in this last quarter was 1%. it is the lowest since 1949. you're offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift. >> i think what i'm offering a proving results. i think what i'm offering is that we can build on where we are. we have dug ourselves out. i'm not happy with the status quo. i've said that repeatedly. >> you're offering more spending, more entitlements, more taxes. more penalties and credits.
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>> and but let's unpack that. i'm offering the biggest job creation since world war ii. >> but it's infrastructure. >> but he didn't get to do enough and he didn't get enough support from the congress. it took years to do something. we have roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, water systems all failing, all being less than efficient when we want to take on the rest of the world. we have new challenges. we need a new electric grid. >> a lot of this is government. >> no. it will be public/private sector. i'm looking for ways to seed it with federal dollars. bring in private investors. i believe america is ready for this, chris. we need to rebuild our infrastructure and lay the foundation for many more millions to come. >> coming up our exclusive
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interview, we ask her about the e-mails and her biggest concern when she gave
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a look outside the beltway where we had the first interview with hillary clinton since she became the democratic nominee. perhaps the biggest challenge now is dealing with the doubts millions of voters have about her honesty. we asked her about benghazi and her private e-mail. one of the most dramatic moments
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in the republican convention was when pat smith, the mother of sean smith, one of the people who died in benghazi stood up before the convention and blamed you for her son's death. >> i blame hillary clinton. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> she and the father of tyron woods both say on the day their bodies were returned to the united states you came up to them and you said it was all because of a video, not terrorism. i know some of the other families disagree with you and i know you deny it. why would they make that up? >> chris, my heart goes out to both of them. losing a child under any circumstance especially in this case, two state department
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employees, both of them , i understand the grief and the incredible sense of loss that can motivate that. as other members of families who lost loved ones have said i don't hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. >> one reason that people question your account, this gets to the important question of trust. that day at andrews you never talked about terrorism. you talked about the video. >> we have seen that took the lives of those great men. we have seen rage and violence
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directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> that's not fair. if you go back and read everything that i said that day i quoted people who talked about it being terrorism. there was no doubt that it was terrorism. there has been confusion and exploiting it for the advantage -- >> and i quote here -- >> but look at everything i said. and this goes back to all of the investigations that were carried out. there were riots. there were protests. there were efforts to breach our embassies. >> yeah, but not in benghazi. >> but i'm just telg yling you, were look at the whole world. >> the e-mails. >> yes. >> i want to ask you about one aspect of them and that's what you told the american people.
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>> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified e-mails. >> i never sent any nchgsz that was classified at the time. >> i had not sent classified material for received anything marked classified. >> after a long investigation fbi director james comey said none of those things you told the american public were true. >> that's not what i heard director comey say. i thank you for giving me the opportunity to in my view clarify. he said my answers were truthful and what i said were consistent with what i told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retro actively certain e-mails. i was communicating with over
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300 people in my e-mailing. they certainly had no reason to believe that what they were sending was classified. in retro specific they said it should have been. it's not what was happening in realtime. >> but in a congressional hearing on july 7th director comey directly contradicted what you told the public. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified. is that true? >> that's not true. >> he said i did not e-mail any classified any e-mail. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> he directly contradicted. he not only directly contradi contradicted. he also said you were extremely careless and negligent. >> i looked at the whole transcript and what i believe is
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i made a mistake using two different e-mail addresses. i have said that and i repeat it again today. it is certainly nothing i would ever do again. i take classification seriously. i relied on and had every reason to rely on the judgments of the professionals with whom i worked. in retro specific some are s saying among those 300 people i head the wrong call. in my mind there is no reason to doubt the professionalism of those who work every single day on behalf of our country. >> let's talk about the clinton foundation and allegations of pay to play, the allegation that foreign countries donated big money to the foundation or paid your money big money for
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speeches. in the first 12 years president clinton made 13 peaches which he had 13,000 dlarsz. they is it believed it is just a coinciden coincidence? >> there is no truth. >> it is true that they did make these speeches. they are by far an interest and he was getting much bigger speaking fees. >> he gave speeches as soon as he left the white house all the way up until last year. he spoke all over the world as well as throughout america to all kinds of groups. let's get to the nut of your question. i'm really prud of the foundation. i'm proud of the work that it does. 9 million more people have access because they negotiated
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contracts that made them affordable. there is nothing that i did. so people can say that. i'm proud of the work of the clinton foundation. i would like to see donald trump's tax returns. >> there are people continuing doubts about you. >> i get it that some people just don't know what to make of me. >> forgive me, secretary clinton, but the americans know what they think of you. two-thirds of them don't trust you. >> well, here is what i know, chris. i have work to do to make sure people know what i have done and what i will do. that is part of what this convention was about. i feel very comfortable that the
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more work people do but the real deal as my husband said in his remarks, they will understand why i was elected twice to the united states senate and the second time with a 67% vote, why my former opponent, president elect obama trusted me to be secretary of state. every time i run for an office though auz of these characters come out. when i left office 66% of americans approved. >> you don't think there's any legitimate reason people would have doubts your honesty and trut worthiness? >> i hope you'll ask donald trump why he is so untrusted by the american people. >> i have. >> i have a long record of public service i can point to
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that produced results for people. when i talk about what i want to do in public life and as president people can say she said she was going to get health care. she did. 8 million kids now have health care and their families don't have to worry about losing their house to take care of their sick kid. i am proud of the results. >> it has been 96 years since women got the right to vote. a couple of questions. has it emotionally fully sunk in yet? one more barrier in the process and how emotional was thursday night for you? >> it was way over the top emotional. my biggest concern going out there to make that speech thursday night was whether or not i could control my emotions.
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what. >> what was your concern? >> that i would start crying. also, watching my daughter and having her waiting on stage when i came out, i was pretty concerned about whether i would make it through the speech. >> and you talked a lot about your mom and her hard childhood and the lessons she taught you. i wonder in these last few days, have you been thinking of her and what do you imagine she has been thinking of you? >> i think about her every day and particularly during the convention i thought a lot about her when chelsea got up to speak because she and my daughter were so close. i thought a lot about her when i walked out on stage to deliver that address. that was part of the speech that concerned me the most. any time i talk about my mom i get very overcome. she wouldn't like what she saw
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at the republican convention, just the outrageous things that were said and the kind of normalization of rhetoric in our politics. she wouldn't have liked any of that. she was a big fox viewer. >> really? >> yeah. >> why didn't you take that from her. >> well, she would get upset. i'll be honest with you. she would get upset. that was when i was a senator running for president and for the first two years of being secretary of state. i would say why do you keep watching? she said i have to know what the other ones are saying so i can understand and be against it. so i think she had a very strategic reason for watching. she said i don't understand. you were such a wonderful child to raise. you never gave me a minute of
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worry. you get into politics and i worry all of the time. but she would worry but she would be encourages. she would tell me what she would when i was four years old when i faced a bully. i feel like i have to go back out there, stand up to him not just on my own besahalf but on behalf of all of the other people he has mistreated in this campaign. >> thanks for talking with us. >> thanks a lot. take care. up next, we'll bring in our sunday group to discuss clinton and trump and what to look for over the next 99 days. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about where the presidential race stands? go to facebook or twitter at fox news sunday and we may (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles.
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hillary clinton going after donald trump and trump apparently disappointed she wasn't nicer to him. it is time for our sunday group syndicated from and ron williams. julie covers the white house and the campaign for the associated press and gop candidate, your thoughts reaching out in the convention and in our interview. >> there's a tension in the attempt to conduct the kind of campaign she needs to conduct in order to generate the obama
9:34 pm
coaliti coalition. we saw this in her speech and also saw it in the interview. a big concern is the economy. a the convention she said obama doesn't give credit. she said we have all of these problems. pay raise, lack of social mobility, people being left behind. here are my answers. my answers are let's have another big stimulous bill. we need it for everybody that makes more than 25,000 tlarz a jeer. let's use taxpayer money to put, to set up something people can make money off of. the democratic party is no longer that of kaine. it is the party of sutton. she said we will raise tax on the 1% and corporations because
9:35 pm
that's where the money is. 1% paid 38% of the tax burden. we have the highest corporate tax rates of the country. these are the things republicans are about. finally, the supreme court. when she starts talking about the supreme court, the thing that causes republicans to rally because she is talking about appointing a little more which will effect everything from the second amendment to the environment to immigration, you name it. >> there were some things supreme court decisions she said she wants to overturn like citizens united and she would like to see the court go in the favor of obama on deportation. she doesn't want to overturn gun control. >> and i was interviewing her and she is frankly incomprehensible. she makes several points on her
9:36 pm
web site. she wants to ban military-style weapons. are those that have more than one at any given time and is she going to con fi skate everybody with an ar-15. she talked about suing gunman factture fa -- gun manufacturers. she talked about terror lists and no-fly lists. throw her support behind that. this really is frankly more about symbolism than it is. >> we talked about the fact that she sat down with us for the first time and she is trying to reach out to independants and reach out to republicans.
9:37 pm
how much is the clinton camp coming? >> i think if they look at this election there is no doubt that she is much more in line with the obama coalition than she would be with independants. they feel like they are independants and republicans who are unnerved but they are not going to suddenly wake up one day and align hillary clinton but they want to give it a per in addition structure to line up with her. a steady hand on commander in chief, it could be what leads some of these people to line up behind her. >> we ask you for questions for the panel. we got this on facebook from joe. he writes how does the panel feel about the democrats actively pursuing indeben dants
9:38 pm
effected by the trump effect? >> how do you answer joe? >> there are a number of them out there. people are looking for permission. i don't know how many they say there are but 2004 they said there were 7% you thought undecided that year. there are many more. >> and it was the largest number of undecided since 1992. >> these are the democrats we want to be elizabeth warren. there were conservatives that unite the democrats. the problem for republicans is the day after the convention the government released the statistic. if -- >> so that's since 1949.
9:39 pm
>> if mr. trump were into making arguments that would be the argument of taking it to the counter. the per so no is what's getting in the way. nick had a republican party. 537 florida votes. marginal differences can make huge differences. furthermore i think she has to run against the argument that is point of voting and not voting is an expression of opinion. >> so, big picture. we have had the rerepublican convention. where do you see this race? if you were with rebuilding now,
9:40 pm
where are we putting the money and the adds. they think they have a chance to win, to get towards the vote. she is going to go onto ohio. tufrp and spens, you can see that is the focus right now. you come into really strange confusion. trump's campaign has about 6 to staffers. the hispanic vote is nowhere near going for donald trump no
9:41 pm
report has lost 1988. it is on the theer row could get diseffected white males. we have seen clinton retching out to why p that was a theme of that democratic convention. >> carl, is it that bleak for trump? as the architect of 2000 and 2004 what wouldou be advising? >> i think it is in the style of campaign. there is a reason the trump campaign is on florida, ohio and pennsylvania. it will go into the white house. pennsylvania is up for grabs.
9:42 pm
the democrat friends of mine readily knowledged the state is changing. there has been a 2,000,000-vote shift away from the democrats. similarly in florida there has been a change towards the republicans and away from the democrats. barack obama won by 94,000 votes last time around. one reason they will be in contention is both political problems are being disrupted. the dem skrats have a problem with blue that's why both political parties have nominees who are drawing less than historic average among their own party's adhere rans. >> and you would knowledge --
9:43 pm
>> let me finish. i would agree despite that we have thisunconventional come pain, spends more time worrying about twitter than he does about get out to vote, that this will be an interesting thing to see how it plays out. >> i would go to 2004. it was really in formalizing get out to vote efforts. i think if it is a close race in the end you have to give an edge because they have ways to make sure they get to the polls. >> and stealing time from the next segment. i want to talk to you about other stuff. we have 99 days. we have to taek a break here. when we come back we'll look at some of the key factors in this race starting this including a new controversy
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donald trump painted a picture of a country in decline. >> she makes it sound like everything is rosy dory. we have people pouring across the border with no idea of who they are. >> we are back now. this is the way it works. obviously the paesht thrty is g say things are going to held in a hand basket and other party will say well, things are okay and we'll mange them even
9:48 pm
better. who have on firmer political ground at this point? trump with pessimism or clinton with optimism? >> 40% of the american people think we are in a recession. we are not. >> they feel we are? >> yes. they feel we are. >> neither has an advantage of what will win the argument. she laid out something is not particularly popular. he has yet to lay out something and fechb he laid out something like a tax plan he rarely campaigns on it. it is remarkable that we have two presidential candidates, neither has modern sound systems and feel obligated to scream at every single opportunity, whether it is at their campaign rally. >> yes. i feel with both of them i should feel this is a microphone. trump is involved in a brand new
9:49 pm
controversy at the democratic convention. the father of a young muslim american who came to this country and enlisted in the army and was killed tragically by an ied, a car bomb in iraq in 2004, he called out trump for his ban on muslims saying if it had been up to him he would never have been able to come to america in the first place. trump responded this week on the show this week. let's take a look at both of them. >> have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> he was, you know, very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me. his wife, if you look at his
9:50 pm
wife, she was standing there, she was probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> this story is blowing up. >> it blows up because it is really speaking to something i think that was emphasized which is a sense of who we are, our battle as american people. so mr. kahn powerfully said if you go to arlington cemetery you can see people including muslims and went on the say mr. trump has sacrificed nothing. he got several deferments from vietnam. mr. trump said that the wife who was there in her head dress had nothing to say and may be restrained by her faith and told to have nothing to say. mrs. kahn said she has trouble
9:51 pm
speaking any time the picture of her dead son is shown and she is overcome by grief. i think conservative or liberal, knowing what mr. trump said about john mccain is similar to how you would speak to a -- i can't imagine losing one of my boys to something like that. that's unbelievable. we have been looking for game changers with trump all along. >> let me pick up with you all along. trump made these kinds of comments before specifically as one said, that last summer, a year ago when he said john mccain -- was it hurt him now in the general election? >> the straw that broke the camel's back did not break the
9:52 pm
cam camel's back. will there with a critical mass of these things? just when you think american politics hit rock bottom mr. trump rises to the bottom of saying there isn't a rock bottom and certainly attacking a gold-star appearances, one of these things. they have said from june 2015, he tells it like it is. it's never been clear to me. today to embassy a flaws intimated about this gold-star couple we saw. they must do their duty and they call the office of mcconnel and paul rain and syan, what do you about this? i really can hardly hear what
9:53 pm
mike pence has to say of these remarks. the good news is this, the point is to give voters information on which to base their decision and they are getting a lot of relevant information. >> i want to try to get through two others. one of them, women. it was quite a woman to see a woman out in that stage accepting the cheers of the crowd and becoming the first major party nominee. hillary clinton made it. >> standing here as my mother's daughter and my daughter's mother i am so happy this day has come. i'm happy for grandmother and little girls and everyone in between. >> how big an advantage does the clinton camp think that is?
9:54 pm
we saw it with barack obama. it is the chance to make history and the chance to break down another battle. >> it is interesting because we have lived with her for so long. you some times forget this is a huge milestone and you have seen them slowly embrace that cull minute nating this convention. i think for clinton anything that she can grasp onto that creates more enthusiasm is more advantage. it is one of her weaknesses. if you talk to democratic woman or talk to some of these women, particularly older women these are the voters she needs and these are the voters that seem to be most motivated by this. >> you have more history this week with donald trump seeming to invite the russians to get into the presidential campaign
9:55 pm
to try to find clinton's e-mails and make them public. some democrats call it treason. come called it wild overreaction. where are you? >> inviting the russians to develop to 30,000 missing e-mails was a sign that sarcasm does not go well. he is now in a little bit of a quagmire. he ought to get out of it by saying very clearly what he was doing was making a joke but saying that putting the issue back into the dialogue by saying it is a question. if he was smart he would use her words to indict her. he said that's not what i heard director comey said. it is not what she thinks he said. she said i had every reason to
9:56 pm
rely on the judgment of the professionals. who is she blaming? who is the lawyer who authorized her? who are the professionals. >> so you moved brilliantly away from the topic -- >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> the idea that an american politician could invite a foreign government, you know that's wrong. you know it invites traderism. >> the word trader comes -- traitor comes to mind. >> and john kerry -- >> oh, here we go. >> 30 seconds. george go. >> don't pay any attention to them. what do you think of his seem g seeming -- >> he was asked that it is journalists and political opponents. he said at least trump is a
9:57 pm
leader. he admires strength as we understand it. >> thank you, panel. see you next sunday. we'll be back in a moment. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man. [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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>> one last look at the river in central pennsylvania where we sat down with the new democratic nominee this weekend. it is good to be back in washington. if you notice something different today, while we were gone they built us a brand new set. we hope it will add something to
10:00 pm
our conversation with our guest and panel. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next after invading the rnc convention i went to the dnc convention and not everyone is happy to see me. >> i don't trust them. >> and the pastor who electified the rnc. >> all lives matter. plus, i check out a justin bieber concert to see if i will be a believer and the panel of democrats try to convince me why hillary clinton sho


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